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Author: Tom Norris Price Devils

Finding builders and tradesmen has traditionally been a bit of a nightmare for UK homeowners and property managers, mainly because up until recently we couldn’t tell if the service providers we were engaging were true professionals or simply time wasting cowboys.

Tradesmen | PlumberSome argue that face value is enough and that you should be able to tell after a few meetings whether you are engaging the services of a reliable tradesmen. Sadly the facts don’t support this argument as many of the homeowners that end up in court state that the relationship started off really well.

It used to be that all we did was look up the Yellow Pages or check out the local newspapers whenever we needed a tradesmen or property service. The problem with using that method is that we knew very little about the tradesmen so in effect we were taking a risk by requesting any kind of service without first ensuring the service provider or company was in fact qualified to carry out the service and provided a reliable service. As it stands today there is absolutely no trust whatsoever between either parties.

How To Choose Local Builders & Tradesmen

Mantlo Moatlhodi, customer services manager at Price Devils states “Recommendation is the key to success when engaging the services of a local builder or service provider. Just think, if you could hire a service provider and leave feedback on the quality of the service you received for others to see, do you think you would get a better quality of service? The answer has to be absolutely yes because all service providers that wish to stay in business have to care about their reputation”.

Tradesmen | PainterI suspect she’s right because if we look at it the other way around it certainly seems to prove the point. All we need to do is to put ourselves in the shoes of any service provider and imagine working for a client knowing that regardless of the quality of the service we provided we still got paid with no repercussions.

Now the question is, if that was the situation would it motivate us into maintaining a quality service or in fact drag us downwards? Human nature being what it is I’m confident that in any situation where there are no repercussions for providing a poor quality of service then the likelihood is that over time, builders and tradesmen with the best of intentions will let their standards slip and it’s for that reason we must always ensure that we only engage the service of tradesmen and property service providers where we are able to leave feedback based on the service received.




Price Devils Trades Network

Each and every enquiry submitted to Price Devils goes to one of the UK’s largest trade networks where up to 4 tradesmen or home improvement companies can respond. Each and every company listed on the network has been vetted and genuine feedback is available from previous clients.

Having the ability to leave feedback is an essential part of the system and all service providers listed on the network are extremely well aware of how important it is to ensure that they maintain good feedback if they wish to stay on the network and in business.

Tradesmen that care care about their reputation form the backbone of the Price Devils Trades Network and it is for that reason we encourage you to submit enquiries with the full knowledge that you are dealing with quality approved tradesmen right from the outset.

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