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Q: Who are Price Devils?
A: Price Devils are a Price Comparison Network for tradesmen, all type of property services and home improvements. You can compare costs for all types of residential and commercial services including surveys and design services anywhere in the UK.

Q: How do you Compare Service Provider costs?
A: To start the sequence a customer posts a job on our online form for prices. We then analyse the enquiry before we forward the enquiry to our network. Depending on the information given by the customer, we will either send the enquiry direct to our network or contact the customer to get more details of the work before we send off the enquiry.

As soon as the enquiry is placed into our network, selected companies - no more than four - will contact you to provide costs for your proposed project.

Q: Is it a free service?
A: Posting an enquiry is entirely free and you are under no obligations to accept costs from any companies that contact you with their estimates or costs for your project.

Q: How quickly can I get Service Providers costs?
A: Providing you give us enough information to start your enquiry you should expect to receive contact from companies within hours. In some cases it may well be minutes and in others cases it takes a few days.

The key to getting fast costs is in providing all the relevant information and giving a decent description of the project when you post your enquiry.

Q: Are the companies featured on you site approved or checked out?
A: I would love to be able to say YES, that all our registered companies or traders on this site have been approved, have genuine feedback and will give you no problems but that is not the case.
In order to satisfy your queries with regards to standards, feedback and quality offered by the companies that get in touch after submitting an enquiry we recommend that you carry out your own checks by requesting references and actually taking the time to check them out before giving instructions to proceed with the work.

You should also carry out checks to confirm if they are members of trade organisations and that they have Professional Indemnity and Liability Insurance currently in force.

Our analysis on the various procedures offered up by other price comparisons sites that purport to offer you only qualified, vetted or approved services is that their is no system that actually works 100% or one that you can rely on.

It is a relatively task easy to provide references for phantom jobs and feedback from phantom clients to satisfy most of the procedures to get registered as a qualified or vetted services provider. With that in mind we offer no such claim that the registered businesses on our site are vetted and have wonderful feedback. That is for you to determine as you meet representatives from these companies, carry our reference checks and ensure that the have insurance in force for the duration of the project.

What you can do is leave Feedback on our site - Negative or Positive - for any company featured on Our feedback facility is located Here

Q: Can I talk to someone about my project?
A: We operate a Customer Services Help Desk 0800 285 1259 Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm and we are happy to answer your queries.

You can also use our FREE Callback Form if you would like us to call you to speak to us about a project.











Price Devils London | Find Trusted Tradesmen Fast
Price Devils London | Find Trusted Tradesmen Fast

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Price Devils London | Find Trusted Tradesmen
Price Devils London | Find Trusted Tradesmen

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