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If I said that 90% of the garages in the UK were used for storage I wouldn’t be far off. The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of homeowners do use their garages for storage but if we look a bit closer at what is they are storing it gets slightly comical as many of our garages are filled with junk or items that we no longer need but haven’t quite got around to getting rid of.

How Not To Use Your Garage Pic 1

A typical garage in the UK full to the brim with unwanted junk and items that could easily be stored in a shed at the back...

It all gets a bit silly really because whilst we all want more living space most of us opt for a house extension without giving due consideration to converting the garage to an extra room.

Just consider for a moment the cost of a house extension and compare it to the cost of a garage conversion. An average house extension will set you back 25k/50k whilst the cost of an average garage conversion comes in at 10k/12k.

Double Garage Conversion To Cinema

This is what you could have instead of a load of junk. A double garage converted to a beautiful lounge area...

So the question is, if you want more living space why on earth would you opt for an extension when it costs considerably more than the cost of a garage conversion?

When you look at garage conversion in terms of added value which do you think is worth more, a 3 bed house with garage or a four bed house?

Garage Conversion To Workshop

This is another great example of a garage converted to a workroom or hobby room...

The fact is converting your garage to some form of extra living space is a superb idea that will not only give you years of pleasure but will add significant value to your home so in effect you invest around 10k/12k and end up increasing the value of your home by 25k/50 depending on the location and the size of the property.

Garage Conversion To Playroom

If you have little kids a playroom on the ground floor would make an excellent garage conversion...

Happily, I’m glad to see that many homeowners are getting the message as garage conversions are booming across the UK. Even in crowded inner-city housing estates where parking can sometime be difficult, homeowners are still converting their garages to living spaces.

Garage Conversion To Gym

A home gym is always welcome and can be used by all members of the family...

Property developers and landlords are also keen to buy houses with garages as the property developer knows he or she is in for instant profit whilst the landlords knows that they can recoup their investment in 2 or 3 years and get back around 5k a year afterwards. How about that for a shrewd property investment?

Garage Conversion To En-suite Bedroom

Because garages tend to be long and slim a bedroom with en-suite makes a wonderful garage conversion...

Even if you don’t need the extra living space you should still convert the garage as it makes a good solid investment and will pay you back several times over when you sell.

Garage Conversion To Luxury Home Theatre

Who doesn’t want a home cinema like this? Don’t forget that you can always extend your garage a bit to achieve an ideal conversion...

Talk to local estate agents. Ask them their opinion on whether it makes sense to convert the garage and you will soon find out why the garage conversion industry is booming.

Garage Conversion To Hangout

And if you still want to keep some of your junk consider putting a decent size shed in the garden and that way it’s a win win situation all way around.







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Price Devils London | Find Local Tradesmen Fast
Price Devils London | Find Trusted Tradesmen Fast
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Price Devils London | Find Trusted Tradesmen Fast
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