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Key elements from glass houses, conservatories, extensions and orangeries are combined...




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Do I Need Plans For A Conservatory?

Author Tom Norris

It’s only a conservatory, surely I don’t need plans? Fact is, you DO need plans. Regardless of they type of conservatory you’re building you will most certainly require plans to gain building regulations approval.

Conservatory Plans sm 0002Whilst many conservatory installations do not require planning permission, surprisingly a large number do for various reasons.

Traditionally, a conservatory was deemed to be an addition to the property not requiring planning permission but if you add heating or remove a section of the house wall to make it open plan then it starts to morph into an extension which may or may not require planning permission but will definitely require plans.

The growth of conservatories in the UK has risen substantially in recent years and there are a number of new innovations that makes the conservatory a welcome addition to the Conservatory Plans sm 0001home.

Whilst traditionally conservatories were more like a bolt-on to the back or side of a house designers today are far more inventive and you now have a wonderful hybrid of glass extensions, extension conservatories and orangery style extension and conservatories.

Key elements from glass houses, conservatories, extensions and orangeries are combined together to form stunning living spaces that are miles away from the original conservatory designs.

Anyone considering a home addition should almost certainly use an architect to create conservatory plans that blend in and compliment your home and in doing so significantly add to the overall value of your property.

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